We would love to welcome you to our ministry at Swan Creek Baptist Church! Here are some common questions that are asked when searching for a ministry to attend. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

What time are your different ministries?
We have ministries for all age groups.

9:45 am:   Sunday School
10:45 am:  Morning Service
6:00 pm:   Evening Service

7:00 pm:  Midweek Bible Study
6:30 pm:  Awana Ministry or BLAST Kidz Club (summer)
6:30 pm:  Cross Training Teen Ministry

How do I get there?
Our church is located in a rural setting south of Elkin and Jonesville in North Carolina. To get specific directions, click on “Location” in the menu above and click on the “Get Directions” button.

Where do I go?
If you arrive for Sunday School, a church member will be happy to assist you in finding the appropriate Sunday School class.
The Morning Worship Service, Evening Service, and Midweek Bible Study all take place in the main auditorium.
AWANA and Cross Training Teen Ministry meet in the Fellowship Building.

Where do my kids go during the Morning Worship Service?
You may have your children stay with you or attend a children’s service designed especially for their age group. During the Sunday Morning Service, children begin the service with their parents and are dismissed to Children’s Church before the message.

What are the worship services like?
Services usually begin with congregational singing, choir, and special music, with an emphasis on using our voices and abilities to worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ together.  Pastor Scott normally begins a sermon with, “Please turn in your Bibles to…” The rest of the sermon focuses on explaining that portion of the Bible in understandable applicable terms, which we are then encouraged to apply to our everyday lives.

What style of music do you use?
Most congregational songs are of a traditional nature, featuring rich hymns of the faith. Each hymn is carefully selected and studied by the Music Director to assure that it is doctrinally sound and glorifying to God. We will also sing modern hymns and new songs that are doctrinally rich and edifying.

Am I expected to give money to your church?
The Bible is clear that believers in Jesus Christ are to give a portion of their income back to the work of Jesus Christ, who blessed them with it in the first place. We also believe that a believer should be an essential part of a local church. In the morning service, an offering plate is passed. Feel free to give as you choose, but we only expect an offering from our own members.

What Bible version do you use?
The preacher usually preaches using the King James Version, but as a church we do not believe that it is the only inspired translation of the Word of God. We may cross-reference other versions at times. Feel free to bring and follow along in another translation.

What do I wear?
Our focus is on worshiping the Lord Jesus, not on impressing people or judging others. That said, most people want to dress appropriately for a public event. Typically, men wear business casual or ties. Ladies typically wear business attire, dresses, or skirts.

What does the church believe?
Briefly stated, we believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He lived a sinless life as a man, died on the cross for our sins, and rose again to show victory over death. We believe that repenting and trusting in Jesus Christ alone is the only way to salvation. We believe that the local church exists to allow believers to encourage and disciple one another, and to lead others to a closer relationship with God.